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Still Lifes

Since I started painting, I have always wanted to paint a communion scene, so here it is...

Communion 2004


Featuring brasslike colors and completed  in 16 hours; this painting was done just for the Still Life slot for the Ogemaw County Fair 2004.  It did not take a single place ribbon.  Must be it's a little too different from the traditional still life.

s indicate this painting/pair needs a wall to hang on, may be yours is the right one?!?  If you are interested in any particular painting and it is not currently available, contact me and I will paint a copy, just for you!

The numbers under each painting indicates:
1) the year and 2) the succession # since I began painting. 
When the letter "C" is included, then the painting was created in a one day class led by Millie Walby.
The numbers listed in the brackets below each painting indicates
the actual size of the canvas (w" x h"). Frame widths are bigger.

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