Oil Samples...

of each type of pictures I am currently working on or have painted.

Here are digital shots portraying all of my oil paintings.  Some of the colors are a bit different due to the digital/ lighting versus the oil medium.

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The upper frames in the table below feature the most current pieces 

in production &/or the most recently finished pieces. 


Beaches, Water Falls, Schooners & Light houses.

8/27/04  all done...



see how the schooner grEw... it took a 

4th in the 2006th's 

Ogemaw County Fair!

This is it, as of.... 7/10/06.

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Still Lifes Flowers See old & newer creations here!



"Beach Scene"  
This is my first ever oil painting, created from an art book design, created for my husband as a 21st wedding anniversary gift!  The basic lines of most of my paintings are free-hand drawn, not traced from a pattern. (24" x 16")


Daffodils on Dark Green

This one was painted for display in the Ogemaw County Fair during the 2006th season and did not place.  It was painted for a friend's Beauty Shop in Rose City.   (16" x 20")

ed items are available for purchase & are looking for your wall space to decorate...

The numbers under each painting indicates:
1) the year and 2) the succession # since I began painting. 
When the letter "C" is included, then the painting was created in a one day class led by Millie Walby.
The numbers listed in the brackets below each painting indicates
the actual size of the canvas (w" x h").

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