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People & Such oil paintings

The demo of the girl to the right... At every one-day class the instructor's painting gets raffled off to the participants.  I was the lucky student, that day.  Can you see the differences between the two paintings?!?  

(20" x 24")


"Girl with Flowers"

A one-day Class painting, created 

on June 26, 2003.

I gave this painting to my mother for 

her 70th birthday, so this painting hangs 

on a bedroom wall in Manistee, MI.  

View my Dad's Mobiles!   (24" x 20")


"Memories of the... 

4th of July" 

This piece echoes memories of the Fourth of July over the Munising Bay, Michigan, where I viewed them this past summer.  This piece was painted and entered in the Ogemaw County Fair for its 2003 theme... "through the eyes of a child".  The painting features glitter to make the fireworks sparkle in the night sky, for the sparklers and in the girl's socks.  

See how it came to life...

This painting was given to a family friend for her 14th birthday in October 2003.   (18" x 24")

Scourngy Old Man 


(20" x 24")

A one Day Art piece created on 8/27/04. Check out his buckskins!!

The numbers under each painting indicates:
1) the year and 2) the succession # since I began painting. 
When the letter "C" is included, then the painting was created in a one day class led by Millie Walby.
The numbers listed in the brackets below each painting indicates
the actual size of the canvas (w" x h").

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