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Round Table Action '04-'05

March's RT highlighted and described how to get and maintain membership at both the boy and adult level.  Howard Scheer did an EXCELLENT job at leading this shared discussion for RT.

Bottom line is All our groups need to Advertise, advertise, advertise!

Use your:

  • Local TV or radio stations, 
  • Newspapers, 
  • and cable stations to let folks know how to contact you.  There is a free upcoming events channel, use it!
  • Make sure that your local school secretaries have current contact information, since there are always kids moving into your school district. 
  • Advertise upcoming events with flyers so the public in your area are invited to your events. 
  • Encourage your boys to invite their friends to join... they really are your best source of new folks.  Be sure to sign up the adults that come with those new kids and FIND something to keep them involved as well!

February's RT had a great crowd.  We all Boy & Cub leaders received a mini training in some common signs used in American Sign language, given by Peggy Ozoga from Roscommon Pack 3944.  

When we divided the Boy & Cub Scout Leaders, I shared how even a regular person may run into difficulties due to an accident, like using crutches or walkers to get around.  Then we broke into sessions and and to try to incorporate how a special needs child may respond to a similar situation. The Committee Members, Webelos, and Cub Masters did some exercises using the opposite hand and the same blindfolded. 

January's RT provided the newest version of the Youth Protection program plus, we broke into several groups including Cub master, Den Leaders, past District Award members, and commissioners.  there was a little of everything for those who came and attended.  There was a little of everything for those who attended. December's RT was awesome.  Some folks broke off to attend Recharter training and the rest of us worked on our gingerbread creations for the 3rd year in a row.  Very Big kudos or thanks go out to Jan Deloge for helping to bake  6 sets of parts for this project.
November's RT... We broke off into two groups.  The Boy Scouts, Webelos and Bear's Leaders stayed in the main room and the Tigers and Wolves went to the other room.  

The Main room learned about the Webelos to Scouts transition and how with each group cooperating boys can stay in the scouting program longer! the Main room trainers were Earl Deloge, Norman Poll, Jim Pickell, and Howard Sheer. 

The secondary room with newer leaders, learned how to make paper boxes and grew in understanding of their roles within their Packs. The other room was lead by Jeff Fitzgibbon and Linda Hall.

October's RT was not attended by Linda or many others, however the RT staff persevered and handled the RT anyway.  They all did a superb job!!  Way to Go!
September's RT was held at the Church of Christ in West Branch.  The theme was Circus of Stars.  Breakouts were done for the many Cub Scouters for Tigers, Cubs, Webelos, Committee members and Cub Masters. August 2004's RT was held at Paul Bunyan Scout Reservation in beautiful weather.  The program featured planning and using a budget to figure out finances and how popcorn could be your only fund raiser for your Cub Scouting year.

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