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Summer 05 fold me like an accordion. 


District Award of Merit for AuSable 

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AuSable District Pack Links:





To see what's happening in our Lake Huron Area Council,

click on the above image.




Cub Scout Leader's Resources:


  • Easy Training Links...

  1. Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Training is a video tape which should be in every pack's resource library and should be viewed by all leaders within a week of their becoming a Cub Scout Leader. 

  2. Click on Training listed above to become familiar with BSA's new  program.
  3. For BSA SERVICE CENTER contact them materials, training information, and forms.
  4. Does your unit need training?  Contact Brad Murray with which areas (Committee persons, Den or Webelos leaders, CubMaster, Charter Reps, etc.) and provide alternative dates with times, so our AuSable District's Training Team will be able to bring the correct training personnel to you!
  5. Attend Round Tables!

Remember having trained leadership keeps the Cub Scouting program on track. This creates better retention of boys to our program in the long run!

Council's Newsletter is... the Scouter

Other BSA literature:

the Scouting Magazine

Boy's Life

Our District's Newsletter is...  the AuSablian

Click on the left-hand icon to get the latest copy!

Recruit Year Round, 

out this cool site!

Youth Protection online

Celebrate our 75th anniversary with us this year! 

out all the neat outdoor activities and other 

ideas for our celebration year! 

out the Paddle's  TRAVELS

Religious Awards

or 1-800-933-7729

Religious Awards & knots may be earned by adults, too. 

District Dinner

  • Date: is Saturday, February 5, 2004, 

  • Time: is 6 through 9 p.m., 

  • Cost: is $12 per person, and 

  • Place is at First United Methodist Church of West Branch.  

  • for all volunteers within Scouting and the AuSable District.

Come for the skit by the Not Ready for Primetime Players, the District of Merit Award recipients, our guest speaker, the good food and the fellowship with fellow Scouters.

Do you have a suggestions as to where it should be for 2006?!?  Contact smjacobs15@yahoo.com.

Recognition Knots-

These may be earned by any active member of your  organization.  There is one for: 

  • Tiger Cub Leader

  • Cub Scout Leader (Wolf & Bear), 

  • Committee Member, 

  • Pack Cub Master

  • Boy Scout, & 

  • Venturing 

  • Adult recognitions are also available.  Complete an Religious award and get a knot for life!

  • Click on link above to get more information.


Webelos to Scouts Transition

District Award of Merit

Past Recipients 

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