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Summer 05 fold me like an accordion. 


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Photos 2004 - 2005

Celebrating Halloween Troop 991 from Mio's style:

Barely there, care for a drink?!?

Hanging in there...

A Grave Time...

Troop 991's Halloween Staff:

Gingerbread Houses...

 making was on tap for our December Round Table.  Below are shots of the workers and their finished products.  Be sure to join us next year for this annual event!

In the beginning... Jenny Alschbach from Pack 3944 in Roscommon, MI.

Peggy, Robert & Jenny's front...

Peggy, Robert & Jenny's other side...

Rochelle Zettel, from Pack 3971 in West Branch; & Elaine Davis from Pack 3991 in Mio... 

Robert Nixon, Earl (with royal icing bag in hand) Deloge & Jenny all from Pack 3944 in Roscommon... all start their houses. 

Earl's front side, featuring the 'broken' mailbox...

Elaine's finished creation.

Rochelle's finished product.

Don't mess with Earl...  

he's got the AuSable District Traveling Paddle & attitude!

Additional Photos will show up as events take place... Please, share with photos how you did an event with your Pack or Troop this year!!

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