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Den Activity Ideas

Suggestion #1 

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum would like to invite your Webelos den to participate in an exciting, NEW, hands-on badge workshop.  Held at the Museum the workshops are three hours in length and enable your boys to walk away with a newly earned badge at the end of the program.  Workshops are available in November and December.

SPECIAL E-MAIL OFFER -  $20 off your program fee when you book your den. (5 scout minimum) Good thru 12-31-04.

Suggestion #2 

Everyone is invited to our 2nd Annual AuSable District Cub Scout & Family Roller Skating Party at the Skate Place in West Branch.

Suggestion #3

Clare Witch Project

Come scare yourselves and your Cub Scouts @ Camp Rotary on Saturday 10/30/04.  The cost is $3.00 per person upon entering the gates.  Parental supervision is a must!

Suggestion #4

Play the Place the 'State' Game

See how accurate you can place the states in our nation. I can get 89% accuracy with 45 states right, how about you?!?

Suggestion #5
  • Keep current with what is happening at your school and in your world with the Weekly Reader!

  • Read, play the games, and see what's happening at the Highlights magazine for children.  

Suggestion #6

Explore space!   

  • Visit the NASA site and see what's special there!!

  • See a tribute to the Colombia Astronauts. 

  • Take a virtual ride through outer space!


Suggestion #7- Webelos... earn your: Outdoorsman Activity Pin...

By attending our Spring Camporee from April 29 - May 1, 2005 at Wellington Farm Park, you can provide your Webelos with the opportunity to earn the Outdoorsman Activity Badge.  Please find attached the requirements for Outdoorsman with the requirements that can be earned at the Spring Camporee highlighted. 

The Spring Camporee will also provide your boys who have already earned Outdoorsman with the opportunity to complete 

  • Arrow of Light requirement #4/visit a Boy Scout outdoor activity 

  • and #5 (participate in a Webelos overnight). 

Please note that completing these requirements with your boys will be up to you and is not part of the planned program activities at Spring Camporee.  Hope to see many of you there!

Suggestion #8

By Den or Pack...

Do a ground's sweep/ spring cleaning of the area outside of your regular meeting place.  

  • Pick up anything that is not natural and does not belong in that yard and bag it to take away from there.  

  • Rake the yard and pick up the trash. 

  • Take recyclables to a local recycling center.

  • Take plastic and metal cans to store for deposits.  Give money from the deposits to your den or Pack.

  • Take care of whatever you pick up properly.

  • Complete this and the other requirements needed for your Conservation Award.

Suggestion #9

District Pinewood Derby

Click here for more information.

Suggestion #10

Spring Raingutter Regatta @ P.B.S.R.

Click here for information.

Suggestion #11 - 

Everyone, family members, and their friends are invited to our 

1st Annual Spring Roller Skating Party for Scouts at the Skate Place in West Branch on 

Sunday, May 15, 2005 from 2 - 4:30 p.m.  

Event cost will be $5.50 per skating individual, to cover entrance fee and regular skates.  Rollerblades and concessions are extra, once in the door.

Encourage your buddies to join Scouting by filling out the correct forms and be able to join you in all your Scouting summer fun for an instant prize during our event!

Suggestion #12

Check out the new food pyramids... see which one is best for you! Follow what it suggests for you.

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