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AuSable District  Commissioners

  1. What are Commissioners and what do they do?  Scouting has built-in "customer service representatives", our Unit Commissioners!  They are experienced folks who are there to help your unit succeed in whatever you do in scouting, not just with rechartering.  Whether you have a question, problem, or just need some good advice, your Unit Commissioner is only a phone call (or e-mail) away.  Be sure to keep in contact with yours...

  2. Who are they?  Here is the list of AuSable's Commissioners who are ready to help you with whatever Scouting curve ball comes your way:

  • Bob Jacobs            District Commissioner                         989-728-3040

smjacobs15@yahoo.com      Assigned Units: 911, 959, 974, 990,

3900, 3911, & 3990

  • Julie Sekely        Assistant District Commissioner            989-685-2644

     carpenter48@m33access.com                         Assigned Units:   3980

  • Jan Montei      Assistant District Commissioner     

            no email                                       Assigned Units: Local & District

  • Scott Grougan                    Unit Commissioner

   Assigned Units:  944, 991,

3944, & 3991

  • Mark Hopewell                Unit Commissioner                        989-345-5357 

hopewelm@mybluelight.com      Assigned Units: 971, 980, 982, 983,

3971, & 3982

  • Dave Lauria                Unit Commissioner                             989-821-5303        

    cookiebaker52@hotmail.com        Assigned Units: 955, 979, 993, 995,

 & 3993

  • David Stoutenberg      Unit Commissioner 

Assigned Units:  3981


  • Linda Hall       Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner                989-685-2908


Our Web Page is now at http://ausablian.com  

Assigned Units: 975,

& 3975 

  • Howard Scheer  Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner           989-821-9614


  1. How many commissioners should we have?  We should one (1) commissioner for every three (3) units be them Cub or Boy Scouts.  So if one were to look above, we desperately need a few more...

  2. Want more information about being a commissioner?  As a District, we should have at least 4 more Commissioners, so if you or someone you know would like more information on Commissioner Service, please contact Brad Murray or one of our current Commissioners.


Previous year's commissioners include:

'03 -'04


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