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"Schooner at Stormy Sea"        

                Painting phases for 2003 #10,

My latest & biggest piece, being completed at class. 
(36" x 24")

April 1, 2003.

Week #1- Blew up and drew the design to fit canvas size.  Traced design on canvas.  Began the base of the sky background. 

Week #2-Added more sky color and added the green/blue water/sea.  It took lots of color/oil paint to cover this large canvas!

Week #3- While adding more blue base to the sky, I blurred the sail outlines, then added some/lots of the water/sea color to the sky.  The top was half-way for the day and the bottom is where I stopped to allow the paint set for a bit.

Week #4  Added more water color to the sky, darkening it a bit more and blurring the sails even more.  I also put a burnt sierra/green base on the ship, the masts and some sail boards.

Week #5- Added lighter burnt umber and burnt sierra mixtures to the ship masts to put in shading perspectives.  Added some of the burnt umber to the boat for shading/lightening and roundness factors.  Used white mixed with the water colors to add in the clouds from great big to light and fluffy all over.  Placed the lifeboats and unfurled sails onto the canvas.

May 15, 2003.

Week #6- Retraced the sails and waves onto the canvas.  Then I began to insert the farthest back sails into place.  Accidentally, I added on one of the front sails into place, see it poof?   

Tuesday, May 27, 2003.
Week #7- Tuesday I added ochre to the back sails with mixture of cream for the textured look to the Sails.  Base coated the flag in the same cream mixture as the sails and added the smokestacks by mixing Payne's Gray, green, and burnt sienna together. 



Wednesday- May 28, 2003

  • worked on the front sails, with a touch of ochre/burnt sienna/ lots of white mixture, were laid in with a mixture of olive green/ sky blue-green mixtures for shading and puffiness attractions. 
  • Additional sky, sky found under the back sails, and other touch-ups were added along with the beginning of the cannon portals on the ship base. 
week #8- on Tuesday,
June 3, 2003:
  • Continued/finished the rest of the top sails with the same colors as before... with a touch of ochre/burnt sienna/ lots of white mixture, and they were applied with a mixture of olive green/burnt umber & sky blue-green mixtures for shading and puffiness. 

    • Touchups to the sky and touchups to the straighten the steam columns were completed!

July 29, 2003:  

Week #9- Darkened the back lower sails, they lean farther forward past the masts, now.  Added the colors to the American flag.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Week 10# - Added the very front sail, begun to touchup the lighter colors of sky under the sails and added the windows for the cannons on the actual boat.  Above picture taken without flash.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Week #11 - Enhanced sky color between back sails and the ship.  Then I and added color to the sky near the front prow and between some of the upper sails.  I lightened the prow, added the anchor line/stick and added additional shading to very front sail.  Added cannons into windows.

Week #12- Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Began adding the ropes from and to the sails to the boat by using a ruler and freehand methods including some curves, since ropes are not always perfectly straight. Connected the American flag to the structure. Used an acrylic purple ink to form them. 

Week #12- Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Continued adding the ropes.  Used Burnt sienna for the anchor ropes and a mixture of the sienna and purple for the rope ladders.  Enhanced the cannons with the burnt sienna, also.

Week 13- Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Did touchups on the sails and on the sail masts/bars.  Added the anchor and began bringing the lifeboats back into focus.  Erased with a pencil the pencil/carbon marks, where finished items are not there.

week #14- Tuesday, April 6, 2004

added additional ropes and layers to the ropes already in place.  Fine tuned the ropes to make them look more real.






Original Wallpaper piece

Can you see the similarities?

out the smaller version...


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