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Since Volunteers are the heart of our program...  Be A S.T.A.R.   

(A Scouter That Attends RoundTable)

Beginning August 2003... 

A seasoned or first time Cub Scout Round Table
Scouter will acquire:

  A special wire HEART Bead Holder & 
Special Beads by ... 
By signing in, actively participating, & contributing to the Round Table! 

  EACH Scouter may earn the following categories monthly:

  • Being in Uniform                                   4 a STAR bead

  • Participate in Round Table                    4 a yellow bead

  • Bring a completed project, a display, or perform a skit/ song  with your Pack members:                                                                   4 a Specialty Bead

  • Provide the snack                             4 a clear violet bead

  • Bring someone & both will get        a red heart bead

  • Bring yourself 1st time          2 receive a white heart bead

  • Attend Basic Leader's Essentials & Leader  Specifics                                            4 a Train bead

    • Attend WOLT                                                                        4 a Green Bead

    • BALOO, Youth Protection, & Pow WOW                     4 a Copper bead

  • Have 6 different Pack Scouter folks at RT             4 a Good Sport bead

  • Participate as staff member for the scout year; or help with a Camporee or Klondike 2 earn:                                                             a genuine canoe

    • Be a Breakout Leader for 3 months     4 a jingle bell

  • Attend six (6) RTs in the same scouting year            4 your own name alphabet beads 

    • attend all 9 RTs                                                                  4 a special reward...

  • Create your own reward system, use it in your Pack and/or Den.  

  • Use totems, beads, Arrows, etc., just be consistent with your Pack and/or Dens.

  • Would you want beads, similar to those that S.T.A.R. members get at Round Table?  Well, go shopping at B.J. Beads, they've got all kinds of beads and other craft idea/supplies, too.

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