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   Watery Scenes

"Sunrise" at Plymouth Rock's Shoreline. 
This piece was painted from a personal photograph taken during our Hall family east coast vacation on July 6th, 1993 at 5:45 a.m.   This painting hangs in my husband's office in Rose City, MI.   (24" x 20") 
This painting took a 4th in the Landscape division at the Ogemaw County Fair in  the summer of 2004!


"Lone Pine with Birch" 

This Foggy Sunrise Swamp scene was painted in my second '1 Day' class.  The entire painting was created using the blending knife, except for my signature.

  This  lone pine hangs in my home on my living room wall.         (20" x 16")



  "Stormy Lighthouse"
was created at the Ogemaw County Fair on Thursday, August 15, 2002, where fair attendees can 'watch' our paintings take shape. This scene resides on the walls of Trinity United Methodist Church in Rose City, MI. 
(16" x 24")



  "Day Light House"
Can you see the difference between this one and the painting to the left?  
This painting now lives with my great aunt in Wyoming, MI.
(11" x 14")
"Moonlit Light House"
watch how thwatch how the moonlit light house grew.
(16" x 12")

This moonlit scene was painted, just cause.  Although it looks like snow... it's supposed to be moonlight on the tree and waves.
This moonlit painting lives on the walls at Kirtland Community College in a friend of mine's office.
(16" x 12")
"Schooner at Stormy Sea"
Above is the original wallpaper border 
(6" x 3 3/4") for which the 
(36" x 24") is being oiled to match below.


(24" x 36") without frame.

See how my schooner grows to completion! This schooner was finished in the summer 2006.

South Manitou Light House


(12" x 9" canvas) created as a gift for a friend's bathroom and birthday present. Here it is framed and matted including original photo, it was painted from.

Small Schooner at Stormier Sea


(A 16" x 20" canvas) without frame.

This one is farther along, just the photo has not been updated in a bit.  Does it look like it's in a stormy sea?!? The ropes and rope bridges have been completed, some upper sails have since been added... (current as of 5/18/05).

One of many Lake Superior's northernWater Falls with matching matted and framed original photo.


(A 24" x 18" canvas) This has a matching original photo (11" x 14") that is matted and framed to match.  In the ideal world I would appreciate @ least $350 for the pair of them, shipping is negotiable.  


The numbers under each painting indicates:
1) the year and 2) the succession # since I began painting. 
When the letter "C" is included, then the painting was created in a one day class led by Millie Walby.
The numbers listed in the brackets below each painting indicates
the actual size of the canvas (w" x h").

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