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The picture (below right-Fall of 2003) features, Linda L. Hall, our AuSable District Web Master. 

  • She began her Scouting Career in February of 1992 as Troop 975's Secretary with Troop 975 located in Rose City, MI.  

  • As the years progressed, all three of her sons have joined and participated in Cub & Boy Scouts to various degrees.
  • After holding the Troop 975's secretarial position for 9 1/2 years, she found a replacement and shifted to the Committee Chair position.
  • Concurrent with her activity for the AuSable District, she had been active with both Troop 975,  and Pack 3975, and has been a Den Leader- for Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos 1 & 2.
  • She has been a Tiger Cub Coach with the old programs two different times.
  • She semi-retired from Cub Scouts in 1997. 
    • Since the Fall of 2000, she has reactivated her involvement with the Cub Scout Pack 3975, as Tiger Cub Coach, Tiger Den Leader, Wolf Den Leader, Popcorn Chairperson for '04, and Committee Chair.
  • In addition to her scouting commitments, she has raised three sons, co-ran her husband's woodworking business, was a 4-H Ceramics leader,  plus she remained actively involved with her church. 
  • She began her college career at Kirtland Community College (K.C.C.) in the fall of 1989.  While a student and beyond, she has tutored accounting, computers, math, and government.  After attending K.C.C. part time (forever) she gathered two associate's degrees, one in Liberal Arts & the other in Business Administration. 
  • As she completed a statistic class at K.C.C., she transferred to Saginaw Valley State University.  While there, she was active in the Student Social State University.  While there, she was active in the Student Social Worker's Organization (referred to as the SSWO) attended National Social Work seminars in Lansing in `99 & `00.  She participated in field placement in a local governmental and completed her
  • In March of 2002, she accepted the volunteer position of AuSable's District Cub Scout Round Table Commissioner. 
  • She attended  "Commissioner's College", sponsored by the Two Pines District in Port Huron in September of 2002, and received her Bachelor's degree in Cub Scout Round Tables.  her Bachelor's degree in Cub Scout Round Tables. 
  • Following the above training both this Web SITE  and our newsletter, the AuSablian were born.  Check this site out frequently to see most current issue! The AuSablian is available in both hardcopyweb version.  
    • Original hardcopies with specialty first pages are given out at RoundTable with one copy being mailed to the Packs whose members did not attend that month.  
    • The 2002 AuSablian online version was available after the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  
    • It has links to multiple pages within its web site & other locations on the web.  
Personal hobbies include:
  • The Fall of 2001, is when Linda began her oil painting hobby.  She intended to paint a beach scene for her husband for their 21st anniversary.  To view that painting and other... check out the offerings below or click here.
  Making schemes for Linda include:
  • From 9/94 through 12/02 and during her college and teenage sons' years, Linda started and maintained a "Pampered Chef" (P.C.) , a Direct Sales company.  She was an P.C. Independent Kitchen Consultant, for 8 1/2 years, where she demonstrated and sold quality kitchen utensils in other people's homes.
  • During the year's time between July 2000 through July 2001, Linda provided community service with an educational grant and $ compensation through Volunteers in Service to America (V.I.S.T.A.) in conjunction with Michigan Sate University Extension (M.S.U.E.) and the state of Michigan.  Her administrative part of the project, was to form a children's literacy program called 4-H Club Read. 
  • Created my own shrub trimming business that I call TRIMZIT, in 2001. I made it a legal business name in 10/04.  Trim shrubs for individuals and some businesses in the Rose City/West Branch area.
  • In the Fall of 2002, she began substitute employment work for West Branch/Rose City Schools.
  • In November of 2003, she  started to substitute teach in the Mio AuSable  Schools.  She's taught in all grades from kindergarten through 12th grade.

  • During October 2002 She took on the position of Co-Ad Board Chair for the Trinity United Methodist Church in rose City.
  • On March 16, 2003, Linda attended the annual L.H.A.C.' Commissioner Conference at Camp Rotary and learned about how as a commissioner to use and demonstrate camp gadgets; songs, skits and stories; recognitions; and crafts, while visiting with a Troop.  Should you get the opportunity one should attend this event and be exposed to 'Dave Bay', which is an auction that raises funds for needy causes and is a lot of FUN!

  • In the first Part of July 2003 through the end of the calendar year, the role of co-chair became just the Chair position.  Key happenings within her reign included: 

  • the beginning approval to build a Fellowship Hall for their congregation. 

  • A change of janitors for the church.

  • A change of operational keys for the facility.

  • And updated versions of building use policies.

  • In September 2003, she attended "Commissioner's College" at Kalamazoo's District Boy Scout Camp, Roto-Kwian and Western University's campus.  She attended the Master's of Round Table training and taught a section of how to integrate program resources in your Round Tables for the Bachelor's program attendees.

  • Following Commissioner's training this year, she has gained a staff to further educate folks in our area the best way... through teaching and leading others.

  • October 22, 2003 marked the end of her tenure of committee chair for Troop 975, although she is still minimally involved.

  • On November 5, 2003, she became the Committee Chair for Pack 3975, where she is also a Tiger Cub Den Leader/Coach.  

  • In December of 2003, she spear headed a District Roller-skating party held at the Skate place in West Branch.
  • December 2003 marked the beginning of obtaining the AuSablian in Adobe in the .pdf formatting.  Back issues of each are available in two ways- as a web page and now in .pdf files.
  • Linda was instrumental in offering a District Training session held on Sunday, February 22, 2004, at Trinity United Methodist Church for leaders to get ready for their upcoming level change. 9 participants took advantage of this offer.
  • She attended the Annual Commissioner's Conference held at Camp Rotary on Saturday, March 13, 2004.  Hands On training and Power Point offerings were given.  Click on the underlined word to find out more of what commissioners can do in scouting.
  • Linda attended Wood Badge in August and September of 2004 at Camp Rotary.  She has been busy working on her ticket, so she can earn her new beads.  She has really appreciated finally having a scarf to wear with her commissioner's uniform!
  • She hosted the 2nd Annual  AuSable District Cub Scout Roller- Skating Party at the Skate Place in West Branch on 11/7/04.  We had over 80 scouting folks attend of all ages.  Great Job!
  • Received the District Award of Merit for the AuSable District of the Lake Huron Area Council on 2/5/05.

Our AuSable Round Tables are fun of exciting, come experience them for yourself! 

These are a few of my other favorite things... check them out!

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