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Round Table Actions & Photos

April featured talk about Spring Recruitment of Cub Scouts, confirming summer plans for Packs and sharing of forms for Knot Recognitions for Adult volunteers of our program.

For March we had a better attendance!  A promotion to attend Wood Badge was given by Dave Harrison and Gary Leonard.  Then we broke into our session, where Jeff led Webelos Leaders through ideas for April and the rest of us discussed summer planning ideas. and made  

During February, we had a low attendance due to rotten, snowy weather.  Those who attended learned about about Recharter and had questions answered directly by Brad.

In January 2004, we covered Youth Protection for those who need it and are not able to do so over the internet, along with our regular programming.

December's RT featured making... our 2nd annual Gingerbread Houses. Many thanks to all who came and participated! I know they certainly were yummy!!  While making our creations... we shared what our Packs do during the holiday season as good deeds within our communities.  Enjoy seeing participant's at work and their finished creations pictured below:








Mark Anderson from Pack 3944, just getting started...

and the finished product with 

paddle in background.

Jennifer's house


from Pack 3982... Cindy's house

CubMaster, from Pack 3981, Mark Hance's gingerbread house's frontal view...

and the house from its rear.  What a festive house, note the snow covering the grass, the frosting bow on the marshmallow peep tree, and the gingerbread for sale sign!!

Dave's house

Steve & David from Pack 3911

Steve's Cabin

Denise LaFluer and Val McGregor from Pack 3975


Denise LaFluer's house from Pack 3975


Val  McGregor's House from Pack 3975

At November's RT we had speakers and a video explaining the Webelos to Scouts transition process. We learned about the importance of letting go of our youth as the transfer up and successfully into a Boy Scout Troop, since that is where the 'real fun' in Scouting begins!  We also had a visit from our L.H.A.C.'s Field Director, Verlyn Haarh.

October's RT featured making Placemats and learned about available adult leader and parent recognitions.  It was shared why it's important to Thank our volunteers in special ways, because everyone really likes being appreciated for what they do!


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