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the AuSablian 

October 2003



District Executive         Brad Murray         989-275-9871 bjmurray@freeway.net


At your Den or Pack meetings have one or more of the following visit this month:

  • Explore a historical place in your area, learn why it’s important to know your community’s past.
  • Enact a Pilgrims feast at your pack meeting, have different dens be different portrayers.

Since Craftsman & Scientist offer some great possibilities, what better time than now create hand made gifts for friends and relatives for the upcoming holiday!

  • One idea could make separate batches of Flubber for your siblings or cousins.

  • Another could be creating sugar or salt crystals for stocking stuffers for your siblings.

  • Craftsman offers a great opportunity to make napkin holders or holiday ornaments using coping saws and other hand tools.

December 2003

Cubbies          A Cub Scout Gives Good Will

Webelos                     Craftsman & Scientist

Earn a special holiday bead for your collection by bringing six (6) different representatives from your Cub Scout organization. 

Plus bring your Edible Genius Kit supplies for our annual Gingerbread house building session.

Break outs will include… Webelos, Den Leaders, Cub Masters, and committee sessions.

Join us, we meet every second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the Church of Christ in West Branch, right next to the Dairy Queen.

Come be a STAR!!!

Our AuSable RoundTable Paddle wants to visit as many Packs as it can this year! The Pack with the most representatives in attendance gets to take it home for the month.

Pictures &/ or stories of ‘its’ adventures are greatly appreciated to document its travels this year. Let’s see how many places in our district it can travel to this Cub Scouting year… Grayling has had it for the last two months!



Upcoming Events... Calendar News

Round Table Tuesday       10/14/03        7 p.m.

Church of Christ West Branch

Basic Leader’s Training, Essentials, & Youth Protection on Saturday 10/11/03 9 am, - 3 p.m. Location: Markey’s Church, Roscommon.

Popcorn Sales Begin Saturday, 10/25/03

For more info call Laurie Padden at 989-345-9276.


Round Table Commissioner:

Linda L. Hall



Complete 4 months for a special jingle bead, complete a year for a special edition canoe, plus other rewards…

Round Table       Tuesday   11/11/03     7 p.m.

Church of Christ West Branch

Webelos 2 Scouts Transition Programming

Webelos Breakout: Leads a short session of about 10-15 minutes to provide specific helps for this area of Cub Scouting, monthly.

Jeff Fitzgibbon

Den Leaders Breakout: Leads a short session of about 10-15 minutes to provide specific helps for this area of Cub Scouting, monthly.

Jan Woodaz

Round Table    Tuesday   12/10/03   7 p.m.

Church of Christ West Branch

Edible Gingerbread House Creations

Tiger Cub Camp @ Rotary 

12/6/03 or 12/13/03

Details on sheets available on line or at RT.

Committee Member Breakout: Leads a short session of about 10-15 minutes to provide specific helps for this area of Cub Scouting, monthly.

The Montei's

Cub Masters Breakout: Leads a short session of about 10-15 minutes to provide specific helps for this area of Cub Scouting, monthly.   This is open!!

Round Table     Tuesday        12/10/03   7 p.m.

Church of Christ West Branch

Youth Protection Training & Pinewood Derby Info

Round Table Host: Carries the coffee maker supplies, makes the coffee, &/or provides additional drinks, provide cups and napkins. Assigns Snack Hosts, brings back up if thought it’s needed.

Norman Poll

Song Leader: Leads the theme songs for the month.

Jim Pickell

Games/ Skits/Applause Leader: leads the theme activities in these areas for the month.       This is open!!

Id LOVE to see some other names in these slots besides mine. If you have just joined and know little or if you have been around the Cub Scouting block once or twice, just let me know which portion you would like to have. There are program helps for this area, also. Let me know soon… Thanks!!

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The AuSablian


Our biggest Nationally sponsored Trail’s End Fund Raiser gets underway on Saturday, October 25, 2003. Our district chairperson this year is Laurie Padden and she can be contacted at 989-345-9276.

Interested Packs who want to know how Trail’s End can help them with their financial futures may check out their web site at:


  • So what are they & whom can be chosen? These are special recognition awards for individuals, both male and female, who have volunteered with the youth of any kind to enhance our future in their own communities.

  • District Award of Merit… is awarded to any individual who has worked with youth in their home community, whether in scouts, public schools, their church , 4-H, mentoring, etc. This individual does must have Scouting experience, to earn this award.

  • Silver Beaver… is awarded to someone who has given volunteer time exclusively to Scouting at both the local and district levels.

  • Who decides the recipients? Previous recipients of the awards.

  • How many awards are given? Typically two for each award.

  • When is the nomination deadline? December 1, 2003.

  • Where can the forms be found? They are mailed out but extras are available at Round Table.

  • When will they be awarded? Our annual District Dinner held on February 7, 2004, location to yet be determined.  Flyers with this information to come out soon.

As many of you know, the Religious Growth Programs (God & Country Awards) are not BSA awards, but are available to BSA youth in grades 1 - 12 and are administrated through PRAY (Programs of Religious Activities with Youth). In September, PRAY updated their program brochure which outlines their youth, adult, and mentor programs. I have attached the new PRAY brochure (which now updates the 4-panel brochure which was included in all of our September School Night literature) for your review. I strongly encourage you to share this wonderful opportunity with all of your boys & their families.

If you have specific questions, you can contact PRAY at www.praypub.org or 1-800-933-7729.

Confused over what uniform pieces to select?

Let us help you… The official uniform pieces are listed below:


Tiger Cubs: Hat, Orange T-shirt, Belt & Socks.

Wolf & Bear Scouts: Hat, Blue Shirt with Insignia-LHAC, World Crest, Pack & Den Numbers, Neckerchief & Slide, Belt, Pants, Socks

Webelos Scouts: Hat, Tan Shirt with Insignia-L.H.A.C., World Crest, Pack & Den Numbers, Neckerchief & Slide, Belt, Pants, Socks, Blue Shoulder Loops


You may call, fax or mail in your uniform order and have it shipped to your home. Don’t forget that until November 30 we have 10% off individual uniform pieces or 15% off a complete uniform (pieces comprising complete uniform listed above)


or 989-662-4464

or 989-695-5593

FAX 989-662-4465

VISA/MasterCard/Discover accepted




Down: Across:

1 – Virginia 2 - Cape Cod

4 – Mayflower 3 – New England

5 – Compact 4 - Massachusetts

6 - Puritan 5 – Cape Cod

7 - Plymouth

8- Thanksgiving


Tur…key Riddles

Goldenrod District, Mid-America Council

The answer for each item starts with the letters "tur".

Complete the answers.

1. An oriental head covering tur____

2. Athletic field covering tur _____

3. A large bird tur________

4. To rotate tur ________

5. A person who turns tur ________

6. An edible root tur ________

7. A small pie or tart tur________

8. A native of Turkey tur ________

9. A blue-green color tur ________

10. A kind of engine tur ________

11. A high-necked shirt tur ________

12. A hard-shelled reptile tur _____



1-turban 2-turf 3-turkey 4-turn 5-turner 6-turnip 7-turnover 8-Turk 9-turquoise 10-turbine 11-turtleneck 12-turtle


Core Values

Some of the purposes of Cub Scouting developed through this month’s theme are:

Cub Scout Roundtable Leaders’ Guide

ü       Spiritual growth, Boys will be reminded of a higher power as they learn about the faith of the Pilgrims.

ü       Good Citizenship, Boys will be encouraged to share their goodwill with less fortunate people.

ü       Family Understanding, Boys will be encouraged to share and promote family values.

The core value highlighted this month is:

ü       Cooperation, Cub Scouts will become aware that cooperation is needed in life to accomplish goals.

Can you think of others??? Hint – look in your Cub Scout Program Helps.  It lists different ones!! All the items on both lists are applicable!!  You could probably list all twelve if you thought about it!!


A Cub Scout’s Thanksgiving Prayer Opening

O Heavenly Father, we ask for your blessing

For loved ones and friends that are near.

We thank you for food and for love and for life

And the spirit of Scouting that’s here.

We thank you for leaders who care about boys,

Who give us their time – that’s better than toys!

We thank you for dads who help us learn right,

For moms who sew on our badges at night.

For all this, thank you, dear Lord up above,

For being in Scouting is something we love!

Give Thanks Opening

Have ten Cub Scouts with signs with the letters G I V E  T H A N K S on each front. On the back, write out their speaking parts.

Cub 1:  G is for the Glorious autumn the Pilgrims knew so well.

Cub 2:  I is for the Indian Summer that cast a magic spell.

Cub 3:  V is for the Valiant men of old who crossed the stormy sea.

Cub 4:  E is for the Endless labors performed so faithfully.

Cub 5:  T is for the Trackless wasteland where red men hunted food.

Cub 6:  H is for the Homes the Pilgrims from nearby forest hewed.

Cub 7:  A is for the wild Animals lurking so dangerously at hand.

Cub 8:  N is for the Nuts and fruits that helped to feed the little band.

Cub 9:  K is for the Keenness and vision of those who this land first trod.

Cub 10: S is for the Spirit that kept them strong, with eternal faith in God.

All:       Tonight we give thanks to God above, for His guidance and his never-ending love.


Thanksgiving Closing Ceremony

Scene: Pilgrims are sitting around a table.


Leader:  We have a lot be thankful for at this time of the year.  We work and for this we see all the good things that come of it.  Let us all share something good with each other at this time.

Cub 1:    Do the very best you can and leave the rest to God.

Cub 2:    Life is hard by the yard, but by the inch, life is a cinch.

Cub 3:    A clean conscience is a soft pillow.

Cub 4:    We can do anything we want if we stick to it long enough.

Cub 5:    There is no failure except to give up.

Cub 6:    Our country, right or wrong.  When right, to be kept right.  When wrong, to be made right.

Leader:    We certainly all have a LOT to be thankful for.

Tom-Tom Closing

Form the group into a large circle and do the friendship dance: everyone faces in and holds arms around their neighbor's shoulders or waist while doing a slow side step dance to a one, two beat of a tom-tom.  Close by reciting this benediction: "May the Good Spirit be with you until we meet again."

Advancement Ceremony

Pilgrim's Trunk Advancement Ceremony

Set up: Place a rocking chair by an old steamer trunk.  Inside the trunk, put a braided rug, a kerosene lamp, and other "old time" memorabilia (rag doll, wooden spoon, etc.)  The Cubmaster is dressed as a pilgrim and another leader is dressed up like an older pilgrim and rocking in the chair.

 CM: We hear many things about the character of our ancestors.  One important trait was perseverance to get the job done.  (show the braided rug)

CM: They also had the faith to see the bright future of our great land.  (raise the lamp) (continue touting pioneer traits and showing the appropriate prop)

CM:      Our own Cub Scouts have inherited many of these wonderful characteristics and we will award their badges tonight from this heritage.  (finds badge(s) and calls the Cub (or the den) and parents forward to receive it)

Cheers & Applauses

Turkey Applause: Flap arms and say gobble, gobble, gobble. Bow and Arrow Applause: Make motion as if shooting an arrow and say "Zing, zing, zing" Pretend to release arrow with each zing.


Turkey Contest

Four guys are dressed up like turkeys waiting for the Best Turkey Contest with one turkey really strutting his stuff.  Feathers can be made from construction paper and brown type clothes worn.  The one turkey who is strutting his stuff, really wants to win.  He preens, even leaves for a minute coming back with additional stuffing sticking out.  Comments are made about this turkey by the others.  The contest begins and the strutting turkey wins only to find out that the winner gets to be Thanksgiving Dinner.  The turkey starts to run and the judge chases after him telling the audience how he loves a happy winner.

Plymouth Rock Encounter Skit

Scene: Cut out a ship from cardboard; make a large rock and put a label "Plymouth Rock." In front of it; have party hats, noisemakers, musical instruments and 4 or more Indians.  Have the ship just visible by the audience and the Indians are by the rock looking at it.

 Indian 1:            Ugh!  I see ship coming our way.

Indian 2:          Shall we scare them away with war party?

Indian 1:            No!

Indian 3:            Shall we hide so they do not see us?

Indian 1:            No!

(continue banter for each Indian)

Indian 4:          Then what we do?  Tell quick, they come fast!

Indian 1:          (whispers to other Indian; they all leave the stage and come back with party hats on, noisemakers and horns, dancing around in circles)

Indian 1:            Ugh!  This right idea.  We send greeting PARTY and Indian BAND to welcome settlers to Plymouth Rock.

Audience Participation

A Frontier Thanksgiving

Heart of America Council

Assign sections of the audience to stand and shout the appropriate words and to pantomime the action as the leader reads the story.

Settler:                      Davy Crockett (Stand and Salute)

Gun:                      Bang, Bang

                     (Two Parts - stand up and sit down)

Dog:                      Mans Best Friend (Wag Arm)

Turkey:                      Yum, Yum (Flap arms)

Cabin:                      Shut the Door! (Slam door)

Frontier:                      Way Out West (Spread arms)

Indian:                      Geronimo (Pull Bow)

Thanksgiving:                      (Everyone pats Tummy)

Early one THANKSGIVING morning many years ago on the old FRONTIER a SETTLER stood before his lonely CABIN with his trusty GUN and faithful DOG ready to hunt the TURKEY he needed for dinner and hoping no INDIANS would spoil his feast. Whistling to his DOG, the SETTLER shouldered his GUN and started down the forest trail. Meantime an INDIAN also with a DOG approached down the forest trail from the other direction. Just at that moment a fat TURKEY flew between them. Off went the GUNS down fell the TURKEY in bounded the DOGS up rushed the Indian... and the SETTLER. "It's mine", claimed the SETTLER "Ugh - him mine", said the INDIAN. "Grr,” snarled the DOGS The noise of the argument shook the CABIN and awoke the whole FRONTIER.  But the TURKEY, which was only stunned by the blast of the GUNS, took off unsteadily and flew in the open door of the cabin where it was promptly captured by the INDIAN, the SETTLER, and the DOGS. And thus, THANKSGIVING came to a lonely cabin on the old FRONTIER.


Cub #1: What do you get if you cross a wolf and a rooster?

Cub #2: An animal that howls when the sun rises.

Cub #1: Why do dogs scratch themselves?

Cub #2: Because they’re the only ones who know where it itches.

Cub #1:  What kind of bow can’t be tied?

Cub #2:  A rainbow.

Cub #1:  Why did the Pilgrims want to sail to America in the spring?

Cub #2:  Because April showers bring May flowers!

Cub #1:  What do you call a nervous gobbler?

Cub #2:  A jerky turkey!

Cub #1:  Why do turkeys always go, "gobble, gobble"?

Cub #2:  Because turkeys never learned good table manners!

Cub #1:  Why was the turkey the drummer in the band?

Cub #2:  He had the drumsticks!

Cub #1:  Knock, Knock

Cub #2:  Who's there?

Cub #1:  Waddle

Cub #2:  Waddle who?

Cub #1:  Waddle I do if you don't open the door?


Pilgrims Came

(tune: Yankee Doodle)

The Pilgrims came across the sea,

From England, far away

And now we always think of them

When it's Thanksgiving day!


The Mayflower was their sailing ship,

Across the waves and foam,

They landed here on Plymouth Rock,

And this was their new home.


The bitter wind was so very hard,

That many Pilgrims died,

By spring they had some growing crops,

And Indian friends beside.


When harvest time came, they were glad,

They had learned many things.

The Indians joined them in their feast,

Their very first Thanksgiving.


Some folks think that they were sad,

I think that they were glad.

We thank the Pilgrims every one,

For our Thanksgiving Day.

Turkey Song

(tune: Bring Back My Bonnie)

My turkey went walking one morning,

The November weather to see.

A man with a hatchet approached her,

Oh bring back my turkey to me.



Bring back, bring back,

Oh bring back my turkey to me, to me!

Bring back, bring back,

Oh bring back my turkey to me!


I went down the sidewalks a shopping,

The sights in shop windows to see.

And everywhere hung great fat gobblers,

Oh bring back my turkey to me.



I went out to dinner and ordered,

The best things they had I could see.

They brought it all roasted and sizzling,

They brought back my turkey to me.


Final Chorus:

Brought back, brought back,

They brought back my turkey to me, to me!

Brought back, brought back,

They brought back my turkey to me!

Web Links

Thanksgiving Web sites                                Kathy DeFoe, Hudson Valley Council 

Pack Resource Sheet

November 2003 Theme: Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock

The Legend of the Five Kernels Opening Ceremony

CUB SCOUT 1: The first winter the Pilgrims spent in their new home was very cold. Food was in short supply.

CUB SCOUT 2: Some days they had only enough food for each new person to have five kernels of corn for the day.

CUB SCOUT 3: Finally spring came. They planted food and it grew. All the pilgrims did not die.

CUB SCOUT 4: From then on, when a time of Thanksgiving came around, the pilgrims put five kernels of corn on each plate to remind themselves of their blessings. Let us also remember:

CUB SCOUT 5: The first kernel reminds us of the autumn.

CUB SCOUT 6: The second kernel reminds us of our love for each other.

CUB SCOUT 7: The third kernel reminds us of Gods love and care for us.

CUB SCOUT 8: The fourth kernel reminds us of our friends, especially our Native American brothers.

CUB SCOUT 9: The fifth kernel reminds us that we are a free people.

CUB SCOUT 10: In honor of the pilgrims, who settled this land so free, please join us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Poem: Thanksgiving Day

The following verses could be used as an opening ceremony

or sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle."

The Pilgrims came across the sea

From England far away.

And now we always think of them

When it's Thanksgiving Day.

The Mayflower was their sailing ship

Across the waves of foam.

They landed here on Plymouth Rock

And this was their new home.

The bitter winter was so hard

That many Pilgrims died.

By spring they had some growing crops

And native friends besides.

When harvest came they were so glad

They'd learned so many things.

The natives joined them in a feast

For the first Thanksgiving.

So many things they had to learn

All along the way,

We thank the pilgrims, every one,

For this Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Song

Tune: Are You Sleeping?

Let's all gather round the table,

And join hands to give thanks,

For our friends and family, for this feast and country,

We thank you, we thank you.

Capture the Turkey Relay

Materials: Light-colored round balloons, markers, cardboard boxes, badminton racquets or table tennis paddles.

Blow up the balloons. Use markers to draw a turkey face and colored tail feathers. Line dens up relay style. Place a box or crate at the opposite end of the room for each team to use as a turkey pen. The first boy in each team is given a racquet or paddle and a balloon. The object is to use the racquet or paddle to guide—not hit—the turkey into its pen. If the turkey is hit, it will go up into the air and fly away, so boys have to guide him and keep him close to the ground. Only the paddle can be used to touch the turkey—no body part may be used to help.

Academics and Sports Proclamation Awards Ceremony

Personnel: Cubmaster dressed as a pilgrim, proclamation reader dressed as a pilgrim, Cub Scouts

Materials: Candle, large quill pen, awards, award proclama­tions—one per award to be presented. Use two dowels with heavy white paper, crumpled and then ironed. Char edges lightly to show age. Attach the paper to the dowels and roll both ends together toward the middle. Tie with ribbons. Leave room for the boys to sign below the written award summation.

The Cubmaster and proclamation reader stand beside the table. The Cubmaster calls each boy forward. The reader reads aloud the Academic or Sports award. The Cubmaster presents the award and directs each boy to sign his name on the proclamation. The proclamation could be presented to the den leader or the chartered organization to be displayed.

Giving Thanks Closing Ceremony

CUB SCOUT 1: In 1621, after the Plymouth colonists completed the first harvest, Governor James Bradford proclaimed a day of thanksgiving and prayer.

CUB SCOUT 2: During the American Revolution, the Continental Congress suggested a yearly day of national thanksgiving. In 1817, New York State adopted Thanksgiving Day as an annual custom, and by the middle of the 19th century, many other states did the same.

CUB SCOUT 3: In 1863, President Abraham Lincoln appointed a day of thanksgiving and since then each presi­dent has issued a Thanksgiving proclamation, generally des­ignating the fourth Thursday of November as a national holiday.

CUB SCOUT 4: We, as Americans, have much to be thank­ful for—especially our country's many freedoms. We have more freedom than any country in the world. Yet how many of us think of Thanksgiving Day as a day to give thanks and not just a holiday?

CUB SCOUT 5: O, God, we ask for your blessing for loved ones and friends that are near. We thank you for food, for love, for life, and for the spirit of Scouting that is here tonight.
Woven Place Mats

Materials: Colored construction paper, glue, scissors, fall leaves, clear contact paper

Fold one piece of construction paper in half horizontally. Starting at the fold, draw vertical lines about one inch apart, ending about an inch from the edge of the paper. Cut along the lines and open the paper flat. Cut 1-inch strips from another piece of paper. Weave each strip into the first piece, which now serves as a paper "loom." Weave one strip at a time, going over and then under each paper strip. Tape the edges in place as you go. Arrange fall leaves in a desired pat­tern then cover with the contact paper.

Acorn Napkin Rings

Cut a piece of cardboard into a 2-inch by 5-inch strip. Cover the strip with yellow or orange paper. Make the strip into a loop and staple to form the napkin ring. Using a low-temperature glue gun, glue acorns all over the ring. Then cut small green leaves and glue in between the acorns. Let dry and then enjoy on your Thanksgiving table!

Paper Plate Pilgrim Costume Designs

Materials: Paper plates, crayons, yarn, pipe cleaners, paper napkins, construction paper, glue

Hat. Glue a cardboard container, such as from salt, in the center of an inverted plate. Cover with construc­tion paper or paint. Add a paper band, a buckle, and yarn ties.

Collar. Cut out the center of a paper plate, cut through at one point, and round off the corners.

Boots.   For the  sole,  glue  or staple two small plates together edge-to-edge  along one  side.  For the top, wrap construction paper around each leg; tape to hold. Add a paper buckle and fold down the top of the boot for a cuff. Tie the sole of the boot to the foot with yarn. Wear socks that are the same color as the construction paper.

Bonnet. Fold two large plates in half and glue or staple the plates together, overlapping at center, as pictured. Gather and glue a paper napkin or sheet of tissue paper along the straight edge at the back. Add yarn ties.

Plymouth Rock Neckerchief Slide

Materials: Small rock (clean and dry), marker, felt, glue

On a clean, dry small rock, is a marker to write PLYMOUTH ROCK. Glue a piece of felt to the back of the rock. Glue an additional strip of felt about 3" inches long by 1" inch wide to the back of the rock, to form the piece for the neckerchief to slide through. To strengthen the felt, add a piece of bend-able cardboard under it.


Mayflower Ship

Materials: Large cardboard boxes (appliance box if possible; otherwise put as many boxes together as needed to accom­modate the pilgrims), poles or dowels, cloth or paper for sails.

Open boxes and attach as many as needed. (Turn boxes inside out so that writing doesn't show.) Attach poles to the front and the back of the boat. Attach cloth to poles to make sails. Have pilgrims stand and hold the sides of the boat as they enter for the opening ceremony.

Webelos Scientist Activity

Air Pressure Experiment #1                       

Bottle Barometer  

Sailors use barometers to indicate weather changes. Your Webelos Scouts can construct this simple barometer.

Stretch a piece of rubber balloon over the mouth of a jar. (Seal air in the jar by smearing the outside edge of the jar rim with rubber cement before attaching the balloon with a rubber band.) Then cement a broom straw to the center; attach a matchstick between the straw and the rim of the jar. As illustrated, mount an index card indicating high and low on the wall next to the jar.  

As the air pressure rises in good weather, the rubber will be pressed inward and the pointer will rise. When air pressure falls during bad weather, the pointer will rise. NOTE: Temperature changes will also cause the air in the bottle to expand. Keep the bottle out of direct sunlight.

If you have access to an elevator in a tall building, take your barometer on a trip. Watch the pointer as you go up and down.
Webelos Scientist Activity

Air Pressure Experiment #2

Scientist Siphon

This contraption, based on the scientific principles of air pressure, could have been used by the Pilgrims to remove water from the hull of their ships.

Materials: Two jars, aquarium tubing or other small plastic hose.                 Place an empty jar on a table. Place a jar of the same size on a box adjacent to and above it and fill it with water. Fill the rubber tube with water; holding the water in place by cover­ing the ends of the tube. Place one end of the tube in each jar of water and watch what happens! Air pressure pushes water uphill through the tube from the full jar to the empty one.

Available Recognitions for our treasured adult leaders and our valuable parents were shared at Round Table on Tuesday, October 14, 2003.  Also staff members were gathered to start our joint "new" programming after the first of the new year in 2004.


A great BIG thank you goes to Del Johnston from Clinton Valley Council for the extra, Extra, EXTRAS!  We really, really appreciate all of your great hints for enhancing our programming!                              Linda L. Hall,

AuSable District Round Table Commissioner


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