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The 3 Ws of Round Tables...

1.  What is a Round Table? 

Round Tables are mini training sessions for all SCOUTERs.

  • Leader training, 

  • Youth Protection, 

  • Program helps, 

  • Fund raising hints/sources, 

  • Recognitions, 

  • Upcoming district and council events are shared here first! 

  • Look through these pages for additional information but... for the latest, freshest and best information, make sure to attend your local Round Table!


2. Who are RoundTables for?


  1. Who are SCOUTERS?

 Scouters are anybody... who has a son in our program or is registered in the Cub or Boy Scout or Venturing program as volunteer or representative located in the:

Lake Huron Area Council (or anywhere in the world) of the BSA.

These include the following positions:

  • Charter Units Representatives, 

  • Cub Masters, Assistant 

  • Cub Masters, 

  • Tiger, Wolf, & Bear Den Leaders, 

  • Tiger Cub Parents/Partners, 

  • Webelos Den Leaders, 

  • Assistant Den Leaders, 

  • Pack Parent Members, 

  • Popcorn Chairpersons, 

  • Membership Chairpersons, 

  • Camp Chairpersons, etc. 

Be A S.T.A.R.

(Scouter That Attends RoundTable)

Come & experience what the immediate rewards are!


3. Why attend RoundTables?  

  • To get the latest information on what's happening in the L.H.A.C. District!

  • For Youth Protection training!

  • Mini trainings on ways to create &/or use scouting programs 

  • For resources to enhance your local Scouting program!

  • To share what 'works' in your area with other Scouters! 

  • To earn cool rewards for yourself...

  • And for Cub Scout Leaders... to have FUN!! 


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